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Tadano CSS 2021-06 ISO or VmWare
Tadano CSS 2021-06,  ISO  or  VmWare in Win7 32bit cost $130

  Installation size is 26GB total, 5GB archive (WinRar)
  VmWare size is 53GB total, 15GB archive (WinRar)

To get the data on payment for the program and get a linк for downloading with password to unpack, write to private messages.

Main Windows:
[Image: 0-Main-menu.jpg]

Program work:
[Image: e5dab27bce6445804889170ef8411eda.jpg]
[Image: 51aa1cf523e20b4e580c138c1eb4cc59.jpg]
[Image: c784e242ce0eb23ff7acc9b2ab9e781e.jpg]
[Image: _6da9767de9836887e6d18ba84c393e3e.jpeg]
[Image: 108dc06f185694a9068d830fe3e1088c.jpg]
[Image: f2a60a2a652d0efc68369d5397f4b0ad.jpg]
[Image: ef665a398ccfa182c891f94168081815.jpg]

DataBase size:
[Image: Add-Data-Base-with-size-2021-06.jpg]

If you use this version, "Like" and "Reputation" are wellcome! )

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Virtual Machine is updated with New Tadano CSS-Net 2021-06 !
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